Pain Management

Compounding is not limited to one disease state or diagnosis. One such commonly prescribed avenue of compounding is pain management. There are many causes of pain. Whether it is a sports injury, chronic nerve pain, joint replacement or other causes, compounding is able to fit those needs. With various formulations and forms, patients are able to seek relief without taking oral tablets or experiencing unwanted side effects.

The etiology of pain can be complex and this alters our approach to compounding a specific formulation for you. Many of the formulations may contain more than one medication. For example, a compound for diabetic nerve pain may contain a topical analgesic as well as a neuropathic agent and a medication to increase blood flow to the area.

Every patient is unique and different, thus so is their compounded medication. The pharmacist and prescriber may work collaboratively so that each formulation is made specifically for you. The benefit of this is that the doses may be adjusted to obtain optimal outcomes.


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