What is Compounding?

Pharmacy compounding is a fusion of medical science and the art of individualized medication preparation. Compounded medications are custom formulated for every patient’s individual needs. These formulations contain specific ingredients that are compounded with precise strengths and dosage forms. Compounding allows the pharmacist, prescriber, and patient to work together in an effort to provide the best possible individualized care for the patient.


Compounded medications can provide individualized modifications:





Each patient is unique, thus his or her body reacts to each medication in a distinctive way.

If patient A only requires 2mg of a drug to achieve the desired effect, is it beneficial for that patient to take the manufactured dosage of 20mg?

Dosage Forms

Often times, manufactured dosage forms are impractical or even impossible for a patient to take. Altering a medication’s dosage form can help a patient become more compliant as well as provide alternative routes of absorption of the medication.

Pediatric patients are often unable to take pills and capsules but liquid dosage forms are much easier to take and often more palatable.

Custom Flavors

Kids and pets alike can be very picky when it comes to taking medications. Compounding often entails modifying flavors to even the worst tasting medications.

The flavoring spectrum that we offer ranges from raspberry to mint chocolate to grilled chicken (for our animal patients).

Additive-free Formulations

Many patients suffer from specific drug sensitivities and allergies that prevent them from taking many medications that they require to achieve optimal health.

We can offer:

Lactose-free formulations

Dye-free formulations

Vegetable-based capsules